Fresh & Smoked Fish

Processing and preparation directly on site

We process and prepare trout and salmon trout from our farms, as well as char, carp and other freshwater fish, to create high-quality delicacies. Our fish are processed based on actual demand and directly at our farming facilities. This enables us to guarantee maximum freshness. We supply our top-quality fresh fish and smoked fish to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and caterers in the local region. We additionally run two small fish shops in the Aachen region of Germany.

Fresh, healthy, delicious and regional

A single-portion trout takes between 12 and 16 months to grow to adult size, while salmon trout can even take up to two and a half years. A lot of time for a good product to grow. Once our fish have reached the intended size, the subsequent processing and preparation steps play an extremely significant role in determining the quality of the final product.

From breeding to the finished product – we pay attention to the greatest possible craftsmanship and quality. We fillet, smoke and package our fish by hand. Whether fresh or smoked, as whole fish or fillet: you can always expect a high-quality and honestly produced delicacies.

You can find out more about our products and prices in our Product overview..

MOHNEN Preparation directly on site

Fish Shops

At our shops in Stolberg-Gressenich and Eschweiler-Weisweiler, you can not only purchase fresh fish and smoked fish but also choose from an additional selection of freshwater and saltwater fish. We additionally offer a small range of home-made fish salads, fish seasonings and wines.

Promotional weeks in 2023

In the following promotional weeks, you can make the most of excellent special offers on our trout:

16.–18. March 25.– 27. May
10. – 12. August 19.– 21. October
30. November – 2. December

Fresh and ready to cook, approx. 310 g …..9,00 € / kg
Smoked, approx. 225 g ………………………………….17,50 € / kg

MOHNEN Trout Farming

Trout in Good Company

We are particularly proud of our trout recipe book, “Forelle in Gesellschaft – Kochen und Kombinieren” (“Trout in Good Company– Cooking and Combining”, currently only available in German), which we developed together with our chef friends Petra and Tom Emonts. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to prepare our trout and salmon trout, feel free to purchase your very own copy from our fish shops.

You can take a sneak peek at some of the recipes featured in the book here.

MOHNEN trout recipe book (abstract)