Our Locations

For particularly attractive fish

At a total of four locations near Aachen, Germany, we breed attractive and lively trout and salmon trout in the clean waters of the Eifel mountains, offer you the opportunity to fish in trout lakes in harmony with nature and in an idyllic setting at our fishing parks and freshly process our fish from our own pond systems directly on site.


Our location in Stolberg-Gressenich marked the start of our fish farming activities back in 1959 and is still home to our office in the present day. In addition to our fish shop, in which you can purchase a small selection of fish salads, seasonings and wines too, the site in Stolberg-Gressenich is also home to our holding basins and fish processing facilities. Here we put a great deal of love and care into producing fresh, high-quality and honest delicacies by hand and directly on site.

Our neighbouring fishing park invites you to come and experience a calm and relaxing break from the hectic pace of day-to-day life in a natural setting. This clean and well-maintained site is comprised of a total of three ponds containing different fish populations. If you need to refuel between catches, our fishing kiosk with a summer terrace not only offers cold and hot drinks but also serves a variety of snacks and small meals for you to enjoy.

MOHNEN LKW an Teich 1
MOHNEN Standort Schvenhütte von der A-Reihe

Schevenhütte Pond System

Our fish farm in Schevenhütte was built in 1972 and is now the most important facility for our trout farming activities. It provides our rainbow, brown, salmon, blue and golden trout with a home while they grow – mostly to a size of 300 and 400 grams but even to a weight of up to three kilogrammes in some cases. The entire farm, including our spawning fish population and hatchery, is supplied with crystal-clear and fresh water from the Eifel mountains, which flows down through the completely inhabited basin of the Wehebach river. It is characterised by its high degree of environmental and water conservation. In support of both animal and environmental conservation, we place extremely high value on exercising caution and restraint in our business activities.

When it comes to salmonids, we are one of just a few fish farms in Germany that still has its own population of spawning fish. The spawning ponds at our site in Schevenhütte are home to an active community of rainbow, brown, salmon, blue and golden trout with weights of up to eight kilogrammes.

Untermaubach Castle

Our location at Untermaubach Castle contains another breeding facility and our second fishing park. Its production unit, which is wholly comprised of earth ponds, is mainly used for the production of larger salmon trout with weights of between 1,000 and 5,000 grams. The fishing park offers three ponds available to hire in a picturesque setting featuring the castle and the Rur river.

MOHNEN Standort Untermaubach
MOHNEN Standort Eschweiler


Our second fish shop is located in Eschweiler-Weisweiler. We also process and prepare our fish directly on site in this location, thus guaranteeing you freshness at its very best. We fillet and pack trout, char and other species of fish by hand. A particularly popular treat among our customers is our battered fish with home-made remoulade sauce, which visitors can eat at the shop or take away every Thursday and Friday.

We are currently planning the construction of another small fishing park at this location.