About Us

Quality based on experience and expertise

The name MOHNEN aquaculture has been a byword for top-quality trout from the Voreifel region of Germany for more than five decades. Our agricultural fish farming business has been a family company right from the start and is now in its third generation. The two brothers Elmar and Udo Mohnen took on important core responsibilities within the company at an early stage and have been its joint owners since 1987. Elmar Mohnen is in charge of business operations while Udo Mohnen takes care of our breeding and rearing activities and technical operations. Philipp Mohnen has also been involved in the company since 2019.

Our team is comprised of a total of around 30 members of staff, including experienced fishing managers, qualified fish farmers, drivers, trainees and motivated employees responsible for sales, administration and the maintenance of our systems. We all the share the same commitment to achieving reliable quality and place high value on sustainability in our fish farming activities. We already factor a multitude of measures for the careful handling of resources into our work but are also well aware that we have room for improvement. As a result, we carry out regular checks to identify further measures that we can implement to achieve even more sustainability. Our long-standing experience, high expertise and great deal of dexterity and intuition all play an important role in our fish farming in harmony with nature. Why? Because for MOHNEN aquaculture, trout are far more than just a product.

MOHNEN Lebende Fische Wasserrutsche
MOHNEN Fütterung Angelpark Untermaubach
MOHNEN LKW mit Gabelstapler und 2 Mitarbeitern