Live Fish

Live trout and other fish available to purchase

Customers from our region, throughout Germany and neighbouring countries buy live fish from MOHNEN aquaculture. We supply up to 100,000 individual fish to our customers every week – often hand-picked and always meeting high standards for reliable premium quality. As one of the largest aquaculture businesses in Germany, we are also a leading supplier in terms of professionalism and punctual delivery.

In addition to trout and salmon trout, we also offer a wide range of other live fish, for example carp, tench, zander, eel, catfish, sturgeon, lake trout, char and more. All of our fish are lively and healthy. They have grown wonderfully and display extremely impressive adaptive behaviour. As a result, they are not only ideal for further breeding or processing but also tick all the boxes for anglers. This wide range of qualities attracts a diverse group of customers: fish wholesalers and retailers; fish farms; fishing parks; hotels, restaurants and caterers; hobby pond farmers; anglers and national fishery authorities are all satisfied members of our customer portfolio.

An international network of partners

Given that we are unable to breed all species of fish in our own fish farms, we have been successfully cooperating with an international network of fellow fish farmers for many years. As with our fish, we also place extremely high value on quality and reliability when choosing our partners. Our connections in the industry are so strong that we can often supply the fish that you need even when the overall market is in short supply.


We deliver live fish to our customers in different sizes and quantities and ensure that the fish are carefully loaded and gently transported. Our modern fleet of delivery vehicles is always perfectly maintained and of an impeccable standard in terms of hygiene. We mainly deliver our live fish to customers within a radius of 400 kilometres. In case of larger order quantities or convenient delivery routes, we are also happy to cover much longer distances. Please feel free to contact us for an individual quote.