Our Fishing Parks

Trout fishing in the North Eifel Nature Park

Are you looking for a trout lake that is in harmony with nature and located in an idyllic setting? If so, you’re sure to love our fishing parks in Stolberg-Gressenich and at Untermaubach Castle in the Eifel uplands near Aachen/Düren. Treat yourself to a peaceful day at the heart of nature and enjoy a relaxing fishing experience – in summer or winter.

Fishing fun all year round

Located in the picturesque northern part of the Eifel, our fishing parks are not only an excellent place to catch splendid fish throughout the year but also a friendly and welcoming setting in which you can relax and recharge out in fresh air. Simply bring along your fishing rod and experience a relaxing day by the water.

The fish is always our main focus. Our philosophy is not only to enable all anglers to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day by the water but also to provide them with a high-quality and healthy premium product. Offering a stock of healthy, lively and, last but not least, particularly attractive fish is therefore our top priority. All of our fish either come from our own farming facilities or are obtained from long-standing and high-quality European partners.

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Respect for both animals and nature

Fish are living things and deserve respect. They too can experience pain and stress and therefore must be treated accordingly. Our commitment to handling our fish in a humane and appropriate manner is non-negotiable. For more detailed information on the handling of fish and conduct at our facilities, please refer to our Fishing Regulations.

MOHNEN Fishing Park Gressenich


After first opening at the beginning of the 1970s, our fishing park has maintained its original charm right through to the present day. Located on the outskirts of Stolberg-Gressenich and surrounded by woods and meadows, these three large ponds are the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing fishing experience in an idyllic setting. Our modern kiosk offers snacks, drinks and an attractive selection of bait.

Untermaubach Castle

Our second fishing park is located at the foot of Untermaubach Castle in the picturesque Rur Valley. Its three medium-sized to large ponds can be hired by our guests. The Untermaubach Castle Fishing Park focuses on what we consider to be the absolute essentials: healthy and attractive fish as high-quality foodstuff, fishing enjoyment and relaxation and recreation in a virtually untouched natural setting.

MOHNEN Fishing Park Untermaubach


Stolberg-Gressenich & Untermaubach Castle

Would you like to hire one of our fishing ponds for exclusive use? Please feel free to contact us! Reservations for private events are available in both locations from Tuesday to Saturday, as well as on Sunday at Untermaubach Castle. Individual visitors can also purchase daily tickets for our Stolberg-Gressenich Fishing Park without reserving in advance.

You can find a detailed price list for day tickets and reservation here.

Salmon trout fishing

From March to June and from September to Dezember, you can fish for salmon trout in Ponds 1 and 3 at our Stolberg-Gressenich Fishing Park on both Saturday and Sunday on the first weekend of the month. We stock the ponds with particularly attractive and even some larger fish ready for you to catch.

Day ticket: 40,00 Euro.

The kiosk is open for you until the end of fishing hours.

MOHNEN Trout Fishing