Quality through experience and expertise

With our inexhaustible perseverance and decades of experience, we provide honest and reliable quality in all areas.

Finest quality from the Eifel uplands

For more than 50 years, we have been experts in extensive trout farming.

Nature, water, trout fishing

Our trout lakes invite you to relax and recharge in an idyllic waterside setting.

Trout Farming at MOHNEN aquaculture

Fresh fish from the crystal-clear waters of the Eifel region

MOHNEN aquaculture is your competent partner for live, fresh and smoked fish. Founded in 1959, our family-run company has grown from a small trout farm into one of Germany’s largest aquaculture businesses. We believe that the key to genuine quality can be found in the original product, the fish.This is why we place extremely high value on extensive farming and the well-being of our fish. Our own trout farms in the picturesque northern part of the Eifel provide fresh and crystal-clear water from the Eifel mountains for the growth of lively and healthy trout as well as salmon trout.

MOHNEN Live fish

Live fish

We supply up to 100,000 fish, often hand-graded, to our customers both in Germany and abroad every week. Although many different factors can influence a premium product such as live fish, we are committed to our promise of providing reliable quality at the highest level: we always do our very best to provide our customers with excellent fish with the MOHNEN quality that they know and appreciate.

Fresh & smoked fish

We process our fish into high-quality delicacies directly on site. We supply our fresh and smoked fish to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and caterers in the local region. We also sell our products at our own two shops in Stolberg-Gressenich and Eschweiler-Weisweiler.

MOHNEN smoked fish
MOHNEN fishing park


In addition to our trout farms, we own two idyllic fishing parks. Located in the picturesque northern area of the Eifel , the parks are not only an excellent place to catch splendid fish but also a friendly and welcoming setting in which you can relax and recharge out in fresh air.

Trout farming

Breeding and rearing at our own facilities

When carrying out our trout farming activities, we focus on three particularly important factors: care, caution and closeness to nature. Our fish farmers supervise the growth of our trout with inexhaustible perseverance, extensive expertise and a great deal of dexterity and intuition. Our work is extensive and in harmony with nature and therefore perfectly fit for the future.

MOHNEN trout farming