MOHNEN as an Employer

MOHNEN aquaculture offers its staff a working environment that is highly diverse and close to nature. Our fish farmers and fishing managers work in farming, processing & preparation and live fish sales. They all share a constant commitment to achieving reliable quality, an understanding of sustainability and a special focus on the well-being of our fish.

We are always looking for qualified new employees to strengthen our team and strive to establish a lasting and trusting working relationship with all of our staff. We are therefore happy about knowledgeable and dedicated new applicants. When considering potential new members of our team, we look for candidates who are not only reliable and responsible but also able to bring new ideas to the company and make good use of their own initiative. Regardless of whether you are already a fishing manager or fish farmer or looking for a training position, we offer you long-term prospects and the opportunity to actively help to shape one of German’s largest aquaculture production businesses.

In addition to fish farmers and fishing managers, our company also employs a number of lorry drivers, maintenance workers, office staff and sales assistants in its team with a total of around 30 motivated members. Our high quality standards have been actively upheld as a matter of principle by all of our staff since our company was first founded.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the successful MOHNEN aquaculture team? If so, please feel free to send us your application specifying your desired role and the earliest date on which you could start work at our company. We look forward to receiving your application documents, including evidence of qualifications, at the following e-mail address:

Vocational training as a fish farmer

at MOHNEN aquaculture

Fish farming is a traditional craft in Germany. We have been training up to three fish farmers simultaneously with a special focus on aquaculture and freshwater fishing for many years. Our trainees learn the theoretical background knowledge at their vocational school and acquire the accompanying practical know-how during their work at our company. In their three years of training, they learn everything there is to know about the breeding, reproduction, farming and feeding of our trout. Our trainees also gain an intensive insight into how we ensure that our animals remain healthy and maintain the high quality of our breeding activities. They are additionally responsible for the hygiene, servicing and maintenance of our pond systems. Last but not least, our trainees also learn how to process and prepare our fish, for example using filleting and smoking procedures, and market our products.

The craft of fish farming is not only a long-standing tradition but also a challenging occupation. It involves a great deal of work and is often a physical demanding. Life as a fish farmer mostly involves working outside at all times of year and whatever the weather. Being required to work at the weekend or on public holidays is also a relatively frequent occurrence. At the same time, fish farming is more diverse than virtually any other occupation and is characterised by its exciting challenges, which vary from day to day. Working on a fish farm means teaming up with other dedicated workers who are fully committed to their occupation. Last but not least, being involved in the creation of a healthy, high-quality and regionally produced premium product is a very proud feeling indeed!

If you are keen to face the challenges and expectations involved in this occupation, love to work out in the open, are responsible and, of course, are interested in fish and the world of fishing, vocational training as a fish farmer at MOHNEN aquaculture is the ideal career step for you!

Fish farming – an occupation that thrives on drive, determination and dedication

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